General Sale Conditions

General Sale Conditions


1) This catalogue replaces the previous ones.

2) Characteristics and pictures reported in this catalogue are not binding.

3) Romeo Cobalchini S.r.l. reserves the right to make any necessary change in both manifacture and material choice to improve product functionality or for other reasons.

4) We don’t fill orders under 150 € excluding VAT and other related expenses.

5) Orders can also be delivered partially.

6) Delivery conditions are not binding and don’t allow reimboursement, unless otherwise agreeded.

7) Goods are carried under customer’s risk even if carriage paid sold.

8) We don’t accept returns of goods if without our previous written authorization and if not carriage paid .

9) Our products are guaranteed  for 12 months from purchase date.

10) The court of Milan (Italy) shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

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